Communication Tool

Efficient Tracking

A mobile technology solution to identify, track and interact with people by way of their mobile devices within a home, office, large facility or campus.
Understand at all times who is on your property or campus, allowing you to maintain a secure environment.  Tag and track unknowns who enter your space.
  1. Web-Based
    Data is collected and quickly accessible via the cloud.
  2. Mobile Friendly
    Lightweight and mobile friendly platform with multiple user types.
  3. Send Messages
    Target a message to specific users or broadcast communications.

How It Works

The system is adaptive to computers, tablets and mobile devices and for schools, corporate campuses and more.
  1. View Users
    View Users
    View a person in the context of where they are among others, for example students and faculty with an intruder among them.
  2. Find Safety
    Find Safety
    Direct known users away from the threat using our multi-channel communication platform sending unique communications to users based on location.
  3. Law Enforcement
    Law Enforcement
    Direct law enforcement towards the threat. They will have a tactical advantage reducing time to secure the area and increasing the probability of a positive resolution.
  4. Documentation
    Document the timeline of incidents and where parties were located to help with issue resolution.