Real-Time Data Solutions

Supercomputing allows us to develop solutions for challenging real world problems, using our understanding of the internet of things, from sensors to backend IT setup, our software allows real-time data processing. 

Edge Analytics

Analysis can happen in different places. Using Edge Analytics we change the conversation about data by using our hardware and software platform, meaning data is available in microseconds and decisions can be made within seconds.
  1. Acquire Data
    Within microseconds, data is acquired.
  2. Real-Time Decisions
    Within microseconds, decisions are made.
  3. Insight
    Within seconds, insight on occurrences.

Industries Served

These are some key industries supercomputing is of particular use and interest, due to challenges they are experiencing affecting operations or because technology costs render desired solutions possible.
  1. Aviation Security
    Aviation Security
    Technology Screening & Biometrics Data Analytics
  2. NASA
    Aeronautics Space Satellites & Data
  3. Cybersecurity
    Intranets / Extranet Encrypt / Decrypt Data Security
  4. Biotech
    X-Ray & Chroma mmWave Facial Recognition
  1. Automotive
    Performance Assembly Line Safety
  2. Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
    Extraction Pipelines Safety
  3. Power Generation
    Power Generation
    Renewable & Traditional Fossil & Nuclear Wind & Hydro
  4. Transportation
    Rail Truckload Marine

Disruptive Data Processing

The raw data from thousands of sensors is harnessed and processed, zones of interested are isolated, and real attributes are computed and output to central visualization rooms, local and remote users.

Data Visualization

The platform is hyper scalable across the USA and withstands large amounts of data acquistion and transfer. It is highly secure for sensitive information. Correlations are made in realtime and at-rest data is avaialble for offline analysis.