Package Management

A custom package management solutions using an iOS app installed with integrated camera scanning and web interface, developed from the ground up for enhanced performance and ease of use.   

Efficient Tracking

A user-friendly system that is easy to learn and scalable to your organization, growing with you.  Support is included as the developers are the ones supporting it leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  1. Web-Based
    Data is collected, stored and quickly accessible via the cloud through handheld or desktop.
  2. Barcode Scanning
    Use the camera to scan the barcode and populate package information into the system.
  3. Sign for Packages
    Obtain signatures for all inbound and outbound packages ensuring a secure chain of custody.

How It Works

Manage packages and shipments throughout the custody chain with PenTrk.
  1. Inbound Handling
    Inbound Handling
    Receive packages from the carrier and have your client sign right on the iPhone for delivery.
  2. Outbound Handling
    Outbound Handling
    Deliver customer packages to the carrier requiring a signature for chain-of-custody assurance.
  3. Multi-Piece Scans
    Multi-Piece Scans
    PenTrk allows for multi-piece receiving as well as multi-piece delivery, all on the handheld.
  4. Multiple Logins
    Multiple Logins
    Allow all areas of your organization access to tracking data, determined by their access level.