Aviation Security

Technology Services Group

We combine experience in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance of security and IT solutions for anti-terrorism programs, sensitive security needs, and infrastructure projects.

Recognized Leader

Our TSG provides the answers to compelling security challenges in public and private sectors that will support clients in ensuring appropriate, scalable and efficiently maintainable solutions.
  1. Risk & Asset Management
    We assess both technical and operational challenges to ensure that our solutions successfully address both. We bring industry experience and senior level attention to every client.
  2. Package & Cargo Screening
    We support airlines and freight forwarders in meeting TSA mandates while maintaining expeditious movement of cargo, using a broad range of detection equipment and technologies.
  3. Electronic & Guard Security
    We provide access control and monitoring capabilities for buildings and parking areas to deter and detect criminal activity. We also provide guards and security officers if needed.

Services & Systems

We have built our airport team around our customer focused approach to service and we recognize that we are an extension of our airport and airline clients. We can implement a comprehensive, functional, cost-effective and client-focused approach by providing world class technology solutions in the following areas:
  1. CCTV & Recording
    CCTV & Recording
    Closed circuit television and digital video recording systems managed specifically aviation security needs.
  2. Access Control
    Access Control
    Design, installation and implementation of access control systems, plus badging and identification management.
  3. Perimeter Protection
    Perimeter Protection
    Physical and virtual fencing for perimeter control solutions providing comprehensive security.
  4. Network Systems
    Network Systems
    Complete network infrastructure solutions providing highest level of security and rogue equipment detection.
  1. Software
    Software development specifically designed for the aviation industry and airlines including custom solutions like drone detection.
  2. Emergency Center
    Emergency Center
    A operation, command and/or emergency center which we can design, build and staff.
  3. Program Projects
    Program Projects
    Management of contracts, programs and projects required for aviation and airport operations.
  4. Training Programs
    Training Programs
    Training programs and documentation needed to fulfill local and federal requirements.